About Us:


The Metrobots are a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) high school team that started at Metro Early College High School in Columbus, Ohio. We began competing in FIRST in 2010 with only 10 students on the team. Over the years we have grown and developed into a veteran student-led team comprised of 60 hard-working students and 20 dedicated mentors. The team has received many honors including making it to Regional Finals, receiving The Regional Chairman’s Award, and winning Engineering Inspiration Award both at regional and world championship levels. These achievements have resulted in The Metrobots attending the FIRST World Championship three years in a row. We are honored with the privilege of attending the FIRST World Championships in 2018. Our team's extensive outreach and community involvement have played a large role in our expansion. Some of our outreach events within our community include our support of other FIRST (FLL, FTC, FRC) teams, and conduct engineering workshops throughout Columbus.



Our Mission:

Our mission is to inspire personal and community development by creating innovative leaders and problem solvers through collaborative outreach in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), community service, education, and FIRST robotics.


The team is hosted by the PAST Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings real-world education to students, teachers, schools and communities through the PAST Innovation Lab. Furthermore, PAST serves as the Metrobots’ fiscal agent, and is actively providing mentors, equipment, resources, as well as a fully equipped shop.

For more information: The PAST Foundation